For Ranson


 A ransom demanded. A daughter's life. 

A mother's love. A father's choice. A man's quest.

 There was a stagnant smell in the air as Hailey began to regain consciousness. Her eyes were heavy as she forced them open, but still all was dark. This has to be a dream!  

Broken Fairytale


  Do fairytales exist? What would you do if everything you knew suddenly vanished? 

Leila's world was turned upside down with a simple knock on the door. What length will she go through to prove that fairytales can come true?

Generation Series


Why would anyone want to fight against a Utopian world?

I live in a Utopia. The Earth is now called Eden and it is without error. Days are perfect; no rain, not too hot or cold. There is no more death. "Humans" are now generated. 

Unspoken Truth



Those Parents


Trying to break stereotypes! 

A comedic look into how same sex couples parent and how it's 100% different in no way 

than they way others parent.



Modified DNA never ends well.

He took a few steps and with each click of his heal came an eerie echoed click. With a quick turn to investigage he was instantly face to face with man.

Site Content



He chose her. He would never love another. 

The only problem...she has no idea! 

She walked home the same rout every night. Her routine never changed in these last five years and he knew it with his eyes closed. This would be the night that he introduced himself.

It Was Never a Choice


Finding my truth in a sea of hate.


Locked In



The Wrong Girl


He's so cute they say, 

only she was the wrong girl.

Why haven't you ever been with him? He's so the marrying type! I hear this everyday, only problem? I'm in love with his girlfriend. 



Going up or down? 

She stood in the elevator; all was silent as she waited for her number to light up and for the doors to open, only the little boy had pressed all of them in hopes to delay his trip home. 

Move West


A farm girl lost in the city.

I ran away once, I followed the tracks for what seemed like forever. By the time my Mama found me I was about five miles from the farm; pretty far for a six year old.